Post : Hancock’s promise on nurses and accusations of anti-Semitism are greeted with derision at hustings URL : Posted : November 30, 2019 at 1:52 am Author : Mike Sivier Tags : Anti-Semitism, boo, Conservative, derision, jeers, lie, Matt Hancock, Mike Sivier, nurses, political, Tories, Tory, Vox, Vox Political Categories : Conservative Party, People
The Tories’ current excuse for a health secretary took a few nasty hits – if only to his ego and his party’s credibility – when he tried to repeat widely-debunked claims at a hustings in his constituency. See for yourself: WATCH ? – Matt Hancock Loses His Cool At Haverhill HustingsAudience Boos & Chants ‘Liar!@MattHancock […]
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